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Governance and Policies

Enbridge Management Services Inc. (the Manager) and the Board of Directors of Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF) are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance. They continually assess governance policies and practices in light of regulatory changes and initiatives in Canada to improve corporate governance, as well as evolving standards and expectations for governance in the Canadian capital markets. ENF’s corporate governance structures, systems and practices comply with the governance rules and generally conform with guidelines established by the Canadian Securities Administrators and the policies of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

ENF is committed to the principles of good governance and employs a variety of policies, programs and practices to manage corporate governance and ensure compliance.

Key aspects of ENF’s governance practices are set below.

  • The majority of Directors are independent.
  • The Audit Committee is comprised solely of independent Directors.
  • Directors review, monitor and approve the annual management and strategic plan.
  • Material related-party transactions require approval of independent directors and compliance with corporate and securities laws.
  • Directors may engage outside advisors at the ENF's expense.
  • Annual reporting by relevant employees to the Directors on ENF’s compliance with the Enbridge Inc. Statement of Business Conduct and Alliance Canada’s Code of Conduct.
  • A Whistleblower Hotline.